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Since 1919

SUPRAGUM is an essential additive for the production of ice cream, cooked meats, pastries, biscuits, syrups, dairy produts & ready-made meals...
SUPRAGUM is a natural raw material, made solely from vegetable colloids, containing neither starch nor gelatine, nor any other kind of product or additives.

Properties :
    SUPRAGUM improves quality and consistency of production.
    Prevents separation, lends substance, smoothness and bulk.
    Gives a soft creamy appearence.
    Improves shelf life through better retention of liquids.
    Increases the volume of a product.
    Provides a high and constant viscosity, is odourless, flavourless and tasteless.

The compelling qualities of SUPRAGUM

SUPRAGUM is a white powder of great purity without taste nor smell, has indefinite storage in dry conditions, has economy of usage - only a tiny quantity is needed to achieve the required result ( 3 to 10gr of SUPRAGUM per kg of product ).

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